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State Bank of India Clerk Exam General Awarness - Solved Paper 4

  • Monday, August 17, 2015
  • SekarC
  • 31. Hem Dutta who was honoured by the presti-gious Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhawana Award 2007 is a famous—
    (A) Author
    (B) Social activist
    (C) Player
    (D) Film producer
    (E) Scientist

    32. Who amongst the following is selected for Basava Award (2006-07) by the Karnataka Government ?
    (A) Dr. Manmohan Singh
    (B) A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
    (C) Sonia Gandhi
    (D) Pratibha Patil
    (E) None of these

    33. Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation Business Meet was organized in September 2007 in—
    (A) New Delhi
    (B) Beijing
    (C) Tokyo
    (D) London
    (E) Sydney

    34. The World Athletics Championship 2007 was organized in—
    (A) Beijing
    (B) New Delhi
    (C) Osaka
    (D) Dhaka
    (E) London

    35. Who amongst the following was the Captain of the Indian Hockey team who won Asia Cup 2007 held in Chennai ?
    (A) Baichung Bhutia
    (B) Dilip Tirkey
    (C) Pankaj Adwani
    (D) Manavjit Singh Sandhu
    (E) None of these

    36. Which of the following is a public sector unit ?
    (A) TCS
    (B) ICICI Bank
    (C) TESCO
    (D) BHEL
    (E) All of these

    37. India's Foreign Exchange Reserve declined sharply in recent past. What was the main reason for the same ?
    (A) Heavy demand of the same by foreign tourists
    (B) Import of wheat from Pakistan and S. Korea
    (C) Appreciation of Rupee Value
    (D) Instability in Coalition Govt. in Centre
    (E) None of these

    38. Shinzo Abe who was on a visit to India in recent past is the—
    (A) Prime Minister of South Korea
    (B) Prime Minister of North Korea
    (C) Prime Minister of Japan
    (D) President of South Korea
    (E) None of these

    39. Asafa Powell who created a new World Record in 100 metres race is a citizen of—
    (A) Jamaica
    (B) South Africa
    (C) India
    (D) USA
    (E) South Korea

    40. Who amongst the following got third position in long jump event of the Bayer International Athletics meet held in Germany in 2007 ?
    (A) Shiny Wilson
    (B) Anju Bobby George
    (C) Neha Sanwal
    (D) Prajakta Sawant
    (E) None of these

    31. (B) Hem Dutta, the 63–year old activist from Assam, was honoured with the prestigious Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhavana Award–2006. Committed to the cause of peace and Non-violence in Assam, Mr. Dutta has been involved with grassroots work in building communal harmony among people living in Assam.

    32. (B) 33. (E) 34. (C) 35. (E)

    36. (D) BHEL or Bharat Heavy Electricals Limi-ted is a gas and steam turbine manufacturer in India. It is one of India's largest Public Sector Undertaking or PSUs, known as the Navratnas or ‘The nine Jewels’.

    37. (C)

    38. (C) Shinzo Abe was the 90th Prime Minister of Japan, elected by a special session of the National Diet on 26 September, 2006. He was Japan's youngest Post-World War II Prime Minister and the first born after the war. He resigned abruptly on 12 September, 2007 after months of Mounting political pressure. He was replaced by Yasuo Fukuda, now the 91st Prime Minister of Japan.

    39. (A) Asafa Powell is a Jumaican sprinter who currently holds the 100 M world record with a time of 9•74 seconds.

    40. (B) Anju Bobby George got third position in long jump event of the Bayer International Athletics meet at Lever Kusen, Germany. Anju jumped 6•51 m on her third attempt to take the third place behind Portuguese Naide Gomes (6•83 m) and German Bianca Kapler (6•37 m). Anju also had two jumps of 6•48 and one of 6•39 apart from two fouls. 

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  • SekarC
  • 21. Dr. Manmohan Singh called George Bush to explain the difficulties he is having in imple-menting agreements related with which of the following with USA ?
    (A) Supply of Sugar
    (B) Civilian Nuclear Co-operation
    (C) Purchase of Fighter Planes
    (D) Purchase of Gas/petroleum
    (E) None of these

    22. Which of the following countries is facing a problem of strike by the workers of the transport, electricity and gas companies as the present Govt. of the country has decided to end the pension to these workers ?
    (A) USA
    (B) France
    (C) China
    (D) Nepal
    (E) None of these

    23. Who amongst the following is the Secretary general of UNO ?
    (A) Al Gore
    (B) Shashi Tharoor
    (C) Gordon Brown
    (D) Hugo Chavez
    (E) None of these

    24. The ‘Orange Coalition Govt.’ was formed once again in which of the following countries ?
    (A) Russia
    (B) Ukraine
    (C) France
    (D) Germany
    (E) None of these

    25. Which of the following countries is NOT elected by the UN General assembly on the non-permanent seats of the UN Security Council w.e.f. January 2008 ?
    (A) Libya
    (B) Vietnam
    (C) Croatia
    (D) Costa Rica
    (E) Pakistan

    26. The Govt. of India put a ban on export of which of the following commodities at the price below the price of the same in domestic market ?
    (A) Steel
    (B) Chemical Fertilizer
    (C) Pharma products
    (D) Electronic Goods
    (E) None of these

    27. India launched which of the following Satellites in September 2007 ?
    (A) EDUSAT
    (B) MATSAT
    (D) INSAT-4CR
    (E) None of these

    28. As per the recent agreement between India and one other country the Indian Rupee can be easily swapped with—
    (A) Taka
    (B) Riel
    (C) Kyat
    (D) Yen
    (E) Rubbel

    29. India won the ONGC Nehru Cup Football Tournament 2007 by beating—
    (A) Syria
    (B) Pakistan
    (C) Britain
    (D) France
    (E) None of these

    30. Abdullah Gul's name was in news recently as he has taken over as the President of—
    (A) Turkey
    (B) Sudan
    (C) Afghanistan
    (D) Pakistan
    (E) None of these

    21. (B) 22. (B) 23. (E) 24. (B)

    25. (E) The UN General Assembly elected Burkina Faso, Costa Rica, Croatia, Libya and Vietnam to serve as Non-permanent Members of the security council for two-years, terms starting 1 January, 2008.

    26. (E)

    27. (D) India launched its largest rocket Geosyn-chronous Satellite Launch Vehicle, GSLV-F04, carrying communication satellite INSA T-4CR. 18th satellite in the INSAT series, from the Satish Dahwan space centre at Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh on September 2, 2007. The INSAT-4CR, weighing 2,130 kg, is the heaviest satellite launched by the ISRO. It has 12 high power ku-band Transponders, which would be used for Direct-to-home (DTH) Telecast, Video-Picture Transmission, Telecasting News live using a satellite and business communications. It has a mission life of 10 years.

    28. (E) 29. (A)

    30. (A) Abdulla Gul is the 11th President of Republic of Turkey, serving in that office since 28 August, 2007. He previously served for five months as Prime Minister (2002-03), and as Foreign Minister from 2003 to 2007.

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  • SekarC
  • 11. Many times we read in financial newspapers about ‘FII’. What is the full form of FII ?
    (A) Final Investment in India
    (B) Foreign Investment in India
    (C) Formal Investment in India
    (D) Fair Institutional Investment
    (E) Foreign Institutional Investment

    12. Benazir Bhutto is associated with which of the following political parties ?
    (A) Muslim League
    (B) Pakistan Peoples Party
    (C) Pakistan National Congress
    (D) Islamic Movement of Pakistan
    (E) None of these

    13. One of the former Prime Ministers of which of the following countries was detained in house arrest for a short period after his/her return from a long exile ?
    (A) Germany
    (B) France
    (C) Pakistan
    (D) Brazil
    (E) None of these

    14. Who amongst the following leaders from USA visited Israel and Palestinian West Bank so that a solution to the Israel and Palestinian problem can be worked out ?
    (A) George Bush
    (B) Al Gore
    (C) Bill Clinton
    (D) Condeleeza Rice
    (E) None of these

    15. Justine Henin won the Women's singles US Open Tennis championship-2007 after defeat-ing—
    (A) Svetlana Kuznetsova
    (B) Sania Mirza
    (C) Dinara Safina
    (D) Mathalie Dechy
    (E) None of these

    16. As reported in papers the UN World Food Programmes stopped distributing food in Mogadishu town after its local head was abducted by the government soldiers of the country. Mogadishu is the capital town of—
    (A) Tanzania
    (B) Turkey
    (C) Cuba
    (D) Libya
    (E) Somalia

    17. The financial markets of which of the follow-ing countries were badly affected by sub-prime crisis ?
    (A) Russia
    (B) Brazil
    (C) UK
    (D) USA
    (E) None of these

    18. Which of the following countries in the world is the biggest consumer of gold ?
    (A) USA
    (B) Bangladesh
    (C) Russia
    (D) India
    (E) None of these

    19. Which of the following countries is NOT happy with the USA's decision to award a Congressional Medal to Dalai Lama of Tibet ?
    (A) India
    (B) Pakistan
    (C) Nepal
    (D) Myanmar
    (E) China

    20. Which of the following countries recently decided to launch a military action in Northern Iraq where many Kurdish PKK fighters are based and they are killing people from that country ?
    (A) India
    (B) Afghanistan
    (C) Pakistan
    (D) Bangladesh
    (E) Turkey

    11. (E) Foreign Institutional Investor–FII. An investor or investment fund that is from or registered in a country outside of the one in which it is currently investing. Institutional investors include hedge funds. Insurance companies, pension funds and mutual funds. The term-FII is used most commonly in India to refer to outside companies investing in the Financial Markets of India. Inter National institutional investors must register with the securities and Exchange Board of India to participate in the market. One of the Major Market regulations pertaining to FIIs involves placing limits on FII ownership in Indian Companies.

    12. (B) The Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) is a centre-left Political Party in Pakistan affiliated to the Socialist Inter National. The leader was, until her death by assassination. Chairwoman Benazir Bhutto. The party was founded in 1967, on November 30 and Zulfikar Ali Bhutto its first Chairman. The party creed is “Islam is our faith, democracy is our Politics, Socialism is our economy, all power to the people”.

    13. (C) 14. (A) 15. (A) 16. (E) 17. (D) 18. (D) 19. (E) 20. (E) 

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  • SekarC
  • 1. Which of the following Departments of the Govt. of India is helping banks in disburse-ment of rural credit by the banks ?
    (A) Railways
    (B) State Road Transports
    (C) Post and Telegraph
    (D) Ministry of Health
    (E) None of these

    2. Which of the following organization/agencies has established a fund known as ‘Investor protection fund’ ?
    (A) SEBI
    (B) NABARD
    (C) Bombay Stock Exchange
    (D) AMFI
    (E) None of these

    3. Who amongst the following is the Head of the RBI at present ?
    (A) Mr. K.V. Kamath
    (B) Dr. Y.V. Reddey
    (C) Mr. N.R. Narayanamurthy
    (D) Mr. O.P. Bhatt
    (E) None of these

    4. Majority of Rural people still prefer to go to which of the following for their credit needs ?
    (A) Money Lenders
    (B) Foreign Banks
    (C) NABARD
    (D) RBI
    (E) All of these

    5. India has different categories of Commercial Banks. Which of the following is NOT one such category ?
    (A) Private Banks
    (B) Commodity Banks
    (C) Nationalized Banks
    (D) Co-operative Banks
    (E) Foreign Banks

    6. Which of the following types of Banks are allowed to operate foreign currency accounts ?
    (1) Foreign Banks
    (2) Regional Rural Banks
    (3) Nationalized Banks
    (A) Only 1
    (B) Only 2
    (C) Only 3
    (D) All 1, 2 and 3
    (E) None of these

    7. Which of the following countries does not play International cricket ?
    (A) Russia
    (B) England
    (C) South Africa
    (D) Pakistan
    (E) India

    8. The money which Govt. of India spends on the development of infrastructure in country comes from which of the following sources ? [Pick up the correct statement (s)]
    (1) Loan from World Bank/ADB etc.
    (2 Taxes collected from the people.
    (3) Loan from the RBI.
    (A) Only 1
    (B) Only 2
    (C) Only 3
    (D) Both 1 and 2
    (E) All 1, 2 and 3

    9. The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) recently imposed a restriction on money flow in equity through ‘P-Notes’. What is the full form of ‘P-Notes’ ?
    (A) Permanent Notes
    (B) Purchase-Notes
    (C) Participatory-Notes
    (D) Private Notes
    (E) None of these

    10. Who amongst the following was the Captain of the Indian Cricket Team who won the Twenty-20 World Cup–2007 ?
    (A) Yuvraj Singh
    (B) M.S. Dhoni
    (C) Rahul Dravid
    (D) Saurav Ganguly
    (E) None of these


    1. (E) 2. (C)

    3. (B) Yaga Venugopal Reddy is the current Governor of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Reddy is an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer of the 1964 batch. Prior to joining the IAS, he worked as a Lecturer from 1961. He holds a Ph.D from Osmania University, Hyderabad and was a visiting faculty at the Osmania University and the London School of Economics. He has held post of Banking Secretary. In 1996, he was appointed Deputy Governor of RBI. He has also worked with the Inter National Monetary Fund, the highest position being Executive Director in 2002.

    4. (A) 5. (B) 6. (C) 7. (A) 8. (E) 9. (C)

    10. (B) Mahendra Singh Dhoni is a Kumaoni Rajput born in (Almora) Uttarakhand. M.S. Dhoni is an Indian Cricketer and the Current Captain of Indian Twenty-20 and ODI team. Under his captaincy, India won the 2007 ICC world Twenty-20.

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  • SekarC
  • 11. The World Islamic Economic Forum was held in 2007 in
    (A) Malaysia
    (B) Kuwait
    (C) Iran
    (D) Brazil
    (E) Indonesia

    12. In an important meeting of the National Development Council held in New Delhi the Prime Minister of India made a special mention of a particular sector of Indian economy which in his opinion was suffering from a “Technological Fatigue for lack of break through in production”. He was talking of which of the following sectors?
    (A) Agriculture Sector
    (B) Oil Sector
    (C) Service Sector
    (D) Defence Sector
    (E) None of these

    13. Which of the following was the major issue of discussion in the G-8 Summit held in Germany in 2007?
    (A) Subsidy to agro products
    (B) Climate protection
    (C) Financial aid to Iraq
    (D) Nuclear Technology and possibility of space war
    (E) None of these

    14. As per the Economic Survey 2006-07 India’s share in World Export has been
    (A) 0.5%
    (B) 0.75%
    (C) 1%
    (D) 1.25%
    (E) 1.5%

    15. How much amount approximately the Govt. of India planned to provide for Mid Day Meal Scheme? (As per Budget 2007-08)
    (A) Rs. 5,000 crores
    (B) Rs. 6,000 crores
    (C) Rs. 7,300 crores
    (D) Rs. 8,000 crores
    (E) Rs. 8,300 crores

    16. As per the figures given in the newspapers what is the approximate investment in various ‘Special Economic Zones’ till date in India?
    (A) Rs. 20,000 crores
    (B) Rs. 25,000 crores
    (C) Rs. 30,000 crores
    (D) Rs. 35,000 crores
    (E) Rs. 40,000 crores

    17. Who amongst the following is the author of the famous classical book “A Passage to India”?
    (A) Mark Twain
    (B) Nayantara Sehgal
    (C) Nirad C. Choudhuri
    (D) E. M. Foster
    (E) None of these

    18. The Government of India has bought RBI’s entire stake in the State Bank of India in about Rs. 35, 531 crores. What is the share of the RBI in total snake of the State Bank? About -
    (A) 40%
    (B) 48%
    (C) 50%
    (D) 52%
    (E) 60%

    19. Which of the following countries has offered knighthood to Salman Rushdie?
    (A) France
    (B) Italy
    (C) Germany
    (D) U.K.
    (E) None of these

    20. As per Union Budget 2007-08 how much amount the Government of India provided for Women Specific Schemes/Programmes for 2007-08?
    (A) Rs. 7,700 crores
    (B) Rs. 8,700 crores
    (C) Rs. 9,300 crores
    (D) Rs. 10,000 crores
    (E) Rs. 10,500 crores


    11. (A) 12. (A) 13. (B) 14. (C) 15. (C)

    16. (D) 17. (D) 18. (E) 19. (D) 20. (B)

    State Bank of India General Awarness - Solved Paper 1

  • SekarC
  • . Who amongst the following is the author of the book ‘Shame’?
    (A) Chandar S. Sundaram
    (B) Namita Gokhale
    (C) Jaswindar Sanghara
    (D) Anita Desai
    (E) None of these

    2. As per the reports published by the ‘Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)’ has generated maximum new jobs in the past few years?
    (A) China
    (B) Russia
    (C) India
    (D) Brazil
    (E) None of these

    3. Mr. Digambar V. Kamat took over as which of the following in 2007?
    (A) Governor of Goa
    (B) Chief Minister of Goa
    (C) Governor of Meghalaya
    (D) Governor of Rajasthan
    (E) None of these

    4. Who amongst the following Indians was awarded King Charles II Medal by the UK in 2007?
    (A) Dr. Manmohan Singh
    (B) Smt. Sonia Gandhi
    (C) Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
    (D) Smt. Vasundhara Raje
    (E) None of these

    5. Miss Riyo Mori who was crowned as Miss Universe 2007 belongs to which of the following countries?
    (A) Japan
    (B) U.S.A
    (C) China
    (D) Singapore
    (E) South Korea

    6. Which of the following countries has decided to build a road to the base camp of Mt. Everest?
    (A) India
    (B) China
    (C) Nepal
    (D) Myanmar
    (E) None of these

    7. ‘Bharti-Airtel’, the largest mobile company of India joined the elite club of companies earning profits of more than US $1 billion. What was the net profit of the Company in the year 2006-07?
    About –
    (A) Rs. 3500 crores
    (B) Rs. 4000 crores
    (C) Rs. 4250 cores
    (D) Rs. 4450 crores
    (E) Rs. 4500 crores

    8. ‘SEBI’ bans some companies for their role in ‘F&O Scam’, was the news in some major newspapers in 2007. What is the full form of ‘F&O’?
    (A) Fair & Optimum
    (B) Free & Operational
    (C) Future & Operations
    (D) Future & Options
    (E) None of these

    9. Which of the following African countries launched its communication satellite in 2007 for the first time?
    (A) Nigeria
    (B) Kenya
    (C) Zimbabwe
    (D) Mauritius
    (E) None of these

    10. The President of Brazil was on a visit to India in 2007 where he signed several trade agreements. Which of the following has been the major area of trade relations between the two countries?
    (A) Oil exploration
    (B) Supply of agro products
    (C) Production of nuclear fuel
    (D) Import of electronic goods
    (E) None of these


    1. (C) 2. (C) 3. (B) 4. (C) 5. (A)
    6. (B) 7. (C) 8. (D) 9. (A) 10. (A)

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  • SekarC
  • 41. Which of the following State Governments has decided to provide ownership Rights to Tribals over forest land being cultivated by them since last 10 years.
    (A) Madhya Pradesh
    (B) Uttar Pradesh
    (C) Maharashtra
    (D) Andhra Pradesh
    (E) None of these
    Ans : (A)

    42. Who amongst the following players has completed 16000 runs in One day International Cricket matches recently ?
    (A) Anil Kumble
    (B) Rahul Dravid
    (C) Sourav Ganguly
    (D) Irfan Pathan
    (E) Sachin Tendulkar
    Ans : (E)

    43. The 11th Five Year Plan wishes to raise the existing 2% growth in agriculture and allied activities to which of the followings levels by the year 2012 ?
    (A) 8%
    (B) 6%
    (C) 5%
    (D) 4%
    (E) None of these
    Ans : (D)

    44. As a policy the Reserve Bank of India wishes to contain inflation at which of the following levels ?
    (A) 5%
    (B) 4.5%
    (C) 4%
    (D) 6%
    (E) None of these
    Ans : (A)

    45. The current trend in Agricultural sector in India is a matter of concern for the policy makers these days as it is not showing the expected results. What is/are the major areas of problem(s) being faced by the farmers ?
    1. Irrigation facilities are not enough.
    2. Use of chemical fertilizers has badly affected the fertility of the land.
    3. Govt. has reduced the subsidy in the farming sector. Hence it is no more a profitable activity.
    (A) Only 1
    (B) Only 2
    (C) Only 3
    (D) All 1, 2 and 3
    (E) None of these
    Ans : (A)

    46. Which of the following committees recommended the revival of Cooperative Credit institutions in states ?
    (A) Vaidyanathan Committee
    (B) Rangarajan Committee
    (C) Sachchar Committee
    (D) Rakesh Mohan Committee
    (E) None of these
    Ans : (A)

    47. ‘World Day for Water’ is observed on which of the following days ?
    (A) March 22
    (B) February 22
    (C) January 22
    (D) May 22
    (E) None of these
    Ans : (A)

    48. As we all know Chinese economy is a booming economy and its exports have played a significant role in it. What was the share of China’s export as compared to its GDP in 2007 ?
    (A) 20%
    (B) 30%
    (C) 40%
    (D) 50%
    (E) None of these
    Ans : (C)

    49. Delhi won the Ranji Trophy for the seventh time in January 2008 by defeating…
    (A) Railways
    (B) Haryana
    (C) Maharashtra
    (D) Gujarat
    (E) Uttar Pradesh
    Ans : (E)

    50. Gagan Narang, who got a silver medal in an international championship held in Munich, is a/an……
    (A) 100 metre runner
    (B) Badminton player
    (C) Chess player
    (D) Swimmer
    (E) Air Rifle shooter
    Ans : (E)